Together we inspire a lifelong love of learning, which enables children to achieve more than they ever believed possible.
Our vision is to be a first class, collaborative and forward thinking family of local schools ensuring excellence in Primary education.
Our children will thrive and achieve as confident, caring, local, national and global citizens
Families will embrace opportunities across the Kite, helping to promote the best outcomes for all children
Empowered teams will enhance expertise, share best practice and have the professional courage to explore possibilities
With strategies in place for growth, the trust will develop sustainability, delivering excellent Primary Education in local communities
The Kite Academy would like to welcome Holly Lodge Primary School into the family as its sixth school.
The Kite Academy was one year old on 1st October 2016 - it's been a busy year but so much has been achieved.
Our Term Dates are now available to view in News & Media
Our First Year Progress Report video is now in available in News Article
Please see our Mission and Vision on the Information page
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Welcome Letter

Welcome to the “Kite Academy Trust”. We set up our Academy in October 2015 with five, local, good and outstanding schools wanting to collaborate at all levels to provide the very best for all of our children, families and staff. I am very proud to be the CEO of an academy where like-minded and ambitious headteachers, staff, governors and board members are working together to provide this. Ea...

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