The Kite Family Hub (KFH)

As we welcomed our Kite families back at the start of 2020, we were pleased to officially open the Kite Family Hub.

We believe that parenting is the most important task that most of us will ever do, but it can also be the most challenging. With this in mind, the Kite Family Hub aims to provide Kite families with support, advice and guidance in a friendly and non-judgmental manner, as they care for their children.

Through the Kite Family Hub, we provide universal support for all Kite children and families as well as targeted group and individual support.

The Kite Family Hub is led by our Lead Inclusion Advisor, Suzie Andrews, and Family Support Workers, Ruth Masih, Karen Tyler and Sarah Charlton.

To contact the Kite Family Hub:

Family Support Workers (FSW)

As of January 2020, we have three Family Support Workers within the Kite Academy Trust – Ruth Masih, Karen Tyler and Sarah Charlton.

We support families through:

• Universal access to support (available to all Kite families without referral).
• Reinforcing the link between home and school by supporting parent/carers at attending school meeting when required.
• Offering group and individual support in meeting the needs of children’s challenging behaviour.
• Support for families through difficult situations and troubling times (e.g. illness, addiction, domestic abuse, financial concerns, etc.).
• Helping families through periods of transition (e.g. to school, parental separation, moving house, bereavement, new siblings, etc.).
• Guiding families towards additional sources of support and making referrals to outside agencies.

A good partnership between home and school means that support is available to help every child thrive and achieve their very best.

Family Support is available to families in the following ways:

• 1:1 in the home - your family will have a unique support plan tailored to your needs (academy referral required).
• 1:1 ’Come and Ask’ sessions - one-hour appointments are booked in advance and held across the Kite schools (no referral required).
• The Incredible Years and Nurturing Programme courses - both are 10-week evidence based programmes, looking at positive parenting solutions (no referral required).
• Hot topic parent/carer workshop sessions - held across the Kite academies (no referral required but places do need to be booked in advance).
• Drop-in sessions such as our Stay and Learn session and coffee mornings.

If you feel you would benefit from support via the Kite Family Hub on an individual bases, please either discuss this with staff at your child’s academy or attend a Come and Ask/Drop-in session.

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