Admissions Consultations

December 2019

The Kite Academy Trust is consulting on proposed admissions arrangements for all of our academies for September 2021. 

The consultation refers to all academies in the Kite Academy Trust:

Cross Farm Infant Academy                             Fernhill Primary Academy                              The Grove Primary Academy

Hale Academy                                                Holly Lodge Primary Academy                        Lakeside Nursery & Primary Academy

Mytchett Primary & Nursery Academy               Sandringham Infant & Nursery Academy         Wyke Primary Academy


The changes being proposed are:

  • Published Admission Numbers to include admission at Year 3 for our primary academies
  • To remove the criteria "registered as being" (Note 1) [following published guidance]
  • To remove “(a)” after references to the Children Act 1989 (Note 1) [following published guidance]
  • To include "Children adopted from care outside England will be given second highest priority for a place at an academy" (Note 2) [following published guidance]
  • To amend "relative's...address" as an exclusion to "It also excludes any relative’s address unless the child lives at that address as their normal place of residence" (Note 6) [following published guidance]
  • To amend to "Any child from a multiple birth will be offered a place if one child has already been offered a place and the subsequent child(ren) are ranked consecutively" (Note 8) [following published guidance]
  • To amend to process for waiting list administration (Note 9)

Full details of the consultation and the changes can be found here.

The consultation will run until 30th January 2020. Comments on the proposed arrangements should be sent for the attention of the Executive Team to

After the closing date, responses will be collated and presented to the meeting of the Trust Board on 25th February 2020. Once the Trust Board has considered all the responses, the determined admission arrangements for 2021 will be submitted to the Local Authority and be published online.

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